X-engine: The Fundamental of Metaverse

Whatever your favorite video game is, it’s thanks to a game engine that helps such a marvel to be created. As we introduced X-engine to the public, we have received 400+ questions about it.

The technology stacks in creating games today are way beyond how they were years ago. The game engines can now answer the common questions on how games are made. Through this tool and some expertise in the required programming languages, software developers can champion a fully-fledged game.

But what is a game engine, and what are the things we need to know about it? Let’s find out!


As we see in many centralized games, game engine is a software development environment mainly for creating video games. Other variations for this industry term are game architecture, game framework, or simply, game frame.

The main functionalities for game engines often include 2D or 3D graphics rendering, physics engine, animation, artificial intelligence, sound, and streaming among others.

X-engine is a decentralized game engine that allowed you to build virtua scenes on chain. Due to different hardware demands our developers have minimized the calculation of graphics rending&physical engines. We warmly welcome everyone to join us.


X-engine is a well-equipped game engine, the user is allowed to form game scene by filling built-in elements or outside material. Once it is finished, users will have their own metaverse land. Many of you have see the Promo Videos that we have many kinds of built-in model like animals, building, guns and human characters.

The most popular modeling software are 3D MAX and Maya, normally we use them to draw several surfaces, they will be assembled in different area to complete the 3D model. You can also manage a new model on such software, we now allow files ended in .stl, .obj, .xo to import.

So far we don’t have high-fidelity model due to high hardware demand may cause game crash, the first edition would be a easy-runnig version. The following update would contain high quality models with topology optimization.


So once you have finished the layout of every elements, the whole scene is like a time-freezing zone, nothing can be touched and they are all silent. X-engine prepared a low code platform to handle this problem:

As you can see here, your objects have several rules to obey, they contain the most actions you wish them to do.

For example: you can make a module called ‘Guard’ to cirling around you, it will detect the enemy object and fire with recoil force movement, the explosive sound spread over the whole battlefield. Such movements are simplified with low-coding ability in X-engine, everyone can create a lively amusement park by assemble instruction parts.

If you have Python experience, we provide a python input screen here, you can unlock more activities by using py-code.

The X-engine is in its final stage of debugging. All those who want to experience it can download the software from the official website soon, we will open the whitelist entry and selection at a later date. Looking forward to meeting you all.

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Infinite Virtual Space is a virtual space value circulation protocol that fully supports devices on Web 3.0. X-Engine, where users can independently design and build different 3D Metaverse scenarios, with great potential for strong economic mobility and governance development.

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Infinite Virtual Space ♾️ is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform.

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Infinite Virtual Space

Infinite Virtual Space

Infinite Virtual Space ♾️ is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform.

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