What is Infinite Virtual Space Meta Protocol(IVS-MP)?

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Metaverse started making headlines in March when Facebook — are increasingly boosting the concept of the “metaverse,” but for most people, it’s hard to tell the difference between virtual platforms, virtual worlds, and Metaverse. The definition of these three is not fully accurately outlined. According to Matthew Ball, former head of strategy at Amazon Studios, virtual platforms are platforms like Roblox and Minecraft, or the creative model of online mode and fortress night in GTA.

That’s why we introduce the IVS-MP to you, whether you are ‘Sandbox game-like lovers or just GameFi lovers.

What is Infinite Virtual Space Meta Protocol(IVS-MP)?

The IVS-MP defines the format specification for reading, parsing and transmission that can be accessed in the IVS space, and is the core component for users to participate in the IVS space.

The display of IVS meta-protocol mainly includes the collection of visual virtual space issued and certified by IVS, as well as the access protocol of that space. By paying IVST to participate in the auction or otherwise, you can have ownership of a portion of the space or access to the independently developed space.

Through the IVS client, others can read and interact with the space in the IVS-MP through the IVS client. In the early days, the IVS client could only display the X engine, the browser page rendering engine, and the image display engine of the early partners.

Through the IVS client, others can read and interact with the space within the meta-protocol through the IVS client. In the early days, IVS clients were only able to display the X engine, the browser surface rendering engine, and the image presentation engine of early partners.

In the future, IVS will introduce more image engines and add an open image plug-in system that allows users to submit image support tools or modules on their own, depending on their needs, to form a more diverse and matching need.

With X-engine as the underlying technical support, IVS will provide users with codeless virtual space creation, the blockchain interaction logic between blockchain and virtual spaces, and the connection method with the IVS-MP.

The core of the blockchain is the on-chain interaction of assets. The IVS-MP will be deployed on multiple main networks, and the asset layer intercommunication will be realized through the IVS Bridge. Users can actively select the space and the main network on which the assets are carried.

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