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Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates recently, I feel that We are not pushing out as many updates in the building/value offering aspect as the team side of things for a perfect solution is not easy — Shoutout to the entire team for the help during this period.

Product Updates

🔥 What’s New

Yes, the world we are building for the future Metaverse, its name is

🌐Meet in Web3🌐

Meet in Web3 work has been building over several months since we launch Xpace, we have partnered with renowned Game Studio to build this entire Metaverse with our very own game concept while keeping the integration of web3 elements (crypto wallet, NFTs) at the back of our head to make this an enjoyable experience for all. We will slowly tease the world of Meet in Web3 (How it looks, interaction, game interface and the features) while we give out WL Spots (Prioritise to Xpace holders).

Meet in Web3 is Being Tested

The MW3( Meet in Web3) Platform is being tested in a limited capacity. This is to ensure that it is functioning properly and to make sure that the platform can handle the volume of users who will begin using it at launch.

Boba Chain Testnet is ongoing

The Boba Chain will be an Ethereum sidechain that is custom-made for the Metaverse. The MW3 and its entire Metaverse ecosystem will be based on the multi-chain. The Boba Chain testnet development is ongoing.

Business Development

IVS Collaborated with XP.NETWORK

The IVS team took a major leap in NFT space by partnering with Xp.Network, a Multi-chain NFTs Bridge. The two platform joined forces to make the NFT world more accessible than ever before.

IVS Collaborated with Warriors Of Ankh

Warriors Of Ankh has kindly provided us with 3x 𝗪𝗟 on Twitter to give away! Additional WL spots are secured for our Discord as well!

The Warriors have awoken, the conquest has begun, and the search for the key to eternal life is gaining momentum. Seth, Horus, Aset and Anubis, bestowing their finest warriors in their own image, the Gods prepare for battle.

Supply: 3,777

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About IVS👨‍🚀👩‍🚀:

Infinite Virtual Space is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform.

Infinite Virtual Space — a decentralized, community-driven Metaverse infrastructure built for creators that will bring your ideas to life and gaming experiences on multiple blockchains. IVS is based on three primary platform features, which are known as IVS Protocol, X-Engine, and IVS token.



Infinite Virtual Space

Infinite Virtual Space ♾️ is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform.