Weekly BUILD Update #August 15— August 21

Infinite Virtual Space
4 min readAug 22, 2022


The Weekly Infinite Virtual Space updates. Read below for some development insights on what we’ve worked on in the last week.

An update on Infinite Virtual Space. A look at our development and art team progress. We will be posting weekly for you to follow along the development of IVS, so make sure you subscribe!

Business Development

Learn & Earn

Combine this fast-growing “play to earn” concept with the metaverse — and let the new “learn to earn” approach transform the metaverse experience and the GameFi space.

Welcome to the X-Engine “Infinite Virtual Space” Metaverse. a place to play, learn to build and make money.

Just like in the real world, you can make more money in the IVS Metaverse by learning + building scenes. The new paradigm of owning in-game assets and ability to transfer them freely — creates new opportunities.

Our proposition

So how does it work? Join the IVS Metaverse, learn to build 3D scenes and earn in-game currency as you progress.

Learning is 100% free. Download the X-Engine and have a full learning experience.

It’s easy to start making money. Follow the beginner’s guide we provide and start making money while you learn. Without investing your own capital, once you become proficient in the beginner’s tutorial, you can join the IVS Metaverse Creator camp, where IVS Labs is responsible for providing partner requirements, and each goal will be accomplished by a small team of creators who will earn $IVS* token for completing the task.

Artworks show of the last couple of weeks!

What an amazing start with the amazing spaces. Now relax and enjoy your journey across the X-engine Creation Trip…👩‍🚀

Big thanks to every Metaverse builder who participated!🌅

(PS: There are nearly 80 Artworks in total, these are just some of the Artworks we have selected, we will post the rest on our social media platforms later, stay tuned!)

X-Engine work by sufiboi#9906
Assassin Afaq#3210 — Alien Research Base
Sauske#0997 — horror movie scene
xengine#4335- The Circus
Iana#7610 — Battle of Mages 🧙

This event wouldn’t be possible without your support !! 🙌🏻Thank you all for making this possible.

Thank you all. 💙

The space is growing.

Every single one counts.

and You are still early.


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About IVS👨‍🚀👩‍🚀:

Infinite Virtual Space is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform.

Infinite Virtual Space — a decentralized, community-driven Metaverse infrastructure built for creators that will bring your ideas to life and gaming experiences on multiple blockchains. IVS is based on three primary platform features, which are known as IVS Protocol, X-Engine, and IVS token.



Infinite Virtual Space

Infinite Virtual Space ♾️ is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform.