IVS-Weekly Updates — December 11st-December 17th

Happy Friday, explorers! We believe that you had a great week at IVSpace. Does anyone want to know what happened in Metaverse this week? Below are the events that took place in IVSpace this week. Let’s start a happy weekend together!

Highlights From This Week

RTFKT is now a part of the NIKE, Inc. family.

Thank you all for coming to IVSpace X-Engine Flagship Launch! Amazing presentations, great energy an Metaverse ideas!

👏X-Engine to IVSpace 🚀

✨Cross-platform: mobile, PC and VR.

✨Powered by Multi Blockchain.

✨Easy to use, No coding required.

Product Development

The Latest CyberPunk Scenes Leaking!

We restored the scene of the cyborg during interstellar travel. IVS designers have added up to 200+ sci-fi models. The space Environment is suggested by several former NASA simulation capsule engineers.

Also, according to the designer, this prototype map will continue expanding layout, more interactions are followed by. Be ready for more surprises!

See you in IVSpace!🤩


That’s the total amount of entries we received for the $IVS Campaign.

Over 10,600 new followed in just 3 days 📈 and 34,018 users joined the campaign! Thank you to everyone for your support & participation!

We’re excited to announce the winners!🥳

🎄Christmas Note🎅

We will hold an enjoyable event and fabulous prizes for $IVS explorers. What gifts will Santa Claus of IVSpace bring?🎁

Prepare to spend an unforgettable Christmas with us. Stay tuned!🌟

Community Development

🎉Warm welcome to all 60,000 members in the telegram group! You are Virtual Space pioneers!

Thank you for being with us & building the future of the Metaverse. Build, explore, social inside IVSpace!

😍Thank you for helping us hit 40K+ followers.🎉

We’ve come a long way.

🎅The Holidays have arrived on IVSpace. Looking forward to our upcoming Excellent Christmas campaign.❄

New logo for welcoming Christmas🎅

Do you plan to gift crypto to your family this Christmas?🎄

Share your tips on how to do it the best way👇


A kind reminder that IVSpace has NOT issued tokens. Any publicly available IVS tokens are scam coins.😡

We gained a lot of popularity after the IVSconference. Please help us to spread the word in our com and keep our explorers a scam-free place!

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About IVS👨‍🚀👩‍🚀:

Infinite Virtual Space is a virtual space value circulation protocol that fully supports devices on Web 3.0. X-Engine, where users can independently design and build different 3D Metaverse scenarios, with great potential for strong economic mobility and governance development.

Join the community of gamers, creators, and supporters of Infinite Virtual Space metaverse and receive the latest project news while enjoying special contests and giveaways.




Infinite Virtual Space ♾️ is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform.

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Infinite Virtual Space

Infinite Virtual Space

Infinite Virtual Space ♾️ is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform.

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