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IVS was launched this year, and it’s time to celebrate the important technology of IVS — X-engine. We are happy to announce that we hosted the IVS Flagship — X-Engine Launch in our Telegram Group on Dec 8th.

🎊Tens of thousands of people took part in the launch in different ways, with nearly 5,000 users selected for the list, an early incentive event for IVSpace.

X-Engine Launch of Infinite Virtual Space

We work together and collaborate at different levels with the following, but not limited to, Web3 infrastructure and protocols and DAO organizations.

Binance Smart Chain, Solana, IPFS, Polygon and The Graph, NuCypher, MetaMask, DFINITY, OpenSea, Pancakeswap, Blockchain Gaming Alliance, CityDAO.

Media: Cointelegraph, Coindesk, Odaily and other partners linked to the Crypto field.

The Infinite Virtual Space wants to build an overall Metaverse infrastructure with advanced mechanisms and good experience via Meta-Protocol, X-Engine, and IVS token!

Hence, it is time for the community to carry out the proper Launch of the IVS Flagship — X-Engine! The Infinite Virtual Space is cordially hosting the X-Engine Launch in order to conduct the most unprecedented event launch!

X-Engine Launch Review

Host: Dear participants,

You have been waiting quite a long time to finally take part in the big event! We are cordially announcing the commencement of the IVS Flagship- X-Engine launch in our Global Telegram Group! So far, you have had the opportunity to participate in airdrops, where you could be rewarded with IVS tokens. From now on, you will have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy airdrops! It’s been a long journey and we are proud to say that the IVS Flagship- X-Engine launch is finally going LIVE! Make sure to participate in all events that will occur from 10:00 AM to the 11:30 AM of today!

IVS Flagship — X-Engine Launch Details

Make sure to read this content in order to familiarize yourself with all the details and airdrop information that will be conducted during the IVS Flagship- X-Engine in IVS Global Telegram Group. For instance, if you check the agenda presented below, you can see that in the third Section we will get to listen to a speech from IVS team member!

We are so blessed to truly have the best community that near 8k people from different Countries joining in this big event!

We hope that you will enjoy the time that you are about to spend in the most amazing, cutting-edge, and technologically advanced metaverse space prepared by the IVS Team!

Now. Let’s begin the party!

Featuring a schedule packed full of presentations, Video playing, interactive activities, Interactive sessions with incentives, this conference of IVS provides a unique opportunity for community members, developers, Web3 fans , and potential cooperative institutions to meet, communicate and further their thoughts for IVS. From group discussions to possible direct one-on-one talking, all participants are given ample opportunities to impress and connect with each other.

In the past decade, Web2 equipment and applications had a marvelous development, much of human life has moved online in unprecedented ways. As the pandemic upended our real-world work and social spaces, the average American spent 7 hours a day online last year, according to one study. We went to parties on Zoom; We spent billions of collective hours and hundreds of millions of real dollars in applications like Facebook(Meta), Roblox and games produced by Epic Games. Meanwhile, the limitations of non-chain and centralized Metaverse applications are becoming more and more obvious. For example, the metaverse data without the support of on-chain devices are fragile and can be deleted.

一. IVS Introduction

We can start our talk so today i would like to introduce IVS to you guys officially!

So What is IVS?

IVS is building the Future of an Open & Immersive Metaverse.

IVS has 3 important platform pillars, which can be explained shortly as IVS Meta Protocol, a virtual 3D space and access protocol defined by IVS X-Engine, where you can customize and acquire the virtual space; Land (X-Space), it’s a public world, where you can enjoy the metaverse with other users.

IVS Meta Protocol

The presentation of the IVS meta-protocol mainly includes an amount of visual virtual spaces issued and certified by the IVS, and the access protocol of the space. By paying for IVS token to participate in the auction or other methods, you can have the ownership or the access rights of the independently development of a specific part of the space.


We will go further about X-Engine at the third part. So we jump to the X-Space.


Xpace is a collection of 9,999 virtual land NFTs — unique digital asset ownership with its own set of properties ( Virtual and Physical ).

Xpace is the flagship nonfungible token (NFT) issued by Infinite Virtual Space (IVS). Xpace carries out cutting-edge designs around the virtual property rights (3D virtual space), the empowerment of physical space property rights, and the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), strive to make Xpace a benchmark for “virtual and physical worlds property rights” in 2022.

Here are the advantages of IVS platform.

Platform Advantages

1, Built using 3D X-Engine

2, Cross-platform: mobile, PC and VR

3, Enhanced gaming experience feature VR access

4, Powered by Multi Blockchain

5, Migrate your NFT among different blockchains

6, Easy to use, No coding required

7, Full control, access your in-game item

  • Achievement


Although we have certain updates coming soon. First and foremost, IVS has been gaining very good traction since 2021 Q2 & Q3, signing strategic and meaningful partnerships with the industry leaders. 🪐

Since the beginning of 2021, we have been working very hard in order to bring some solid updates to our community, which includes but is not limited to developing X-engine, the Game Editor of IVS and IVS-MP Deployment.👩‍🚀

Currently, we are in the Q4 phase and we are developing the product according to our roadmap, and we shall be announcing the launch of the X-engine and NFT marketplace along with our metaverse in the near future, stay tuned and please follow our community channels to become a part of this revolutionary movement!

Partnership: Binance Smart Chain, Solana, IPFS, Polygon and The Graph, NuCypher, MetaMask, DFINITY, OpenSea, Pancakeswap, Blockchain Gaming Alliance, CityDAO.

二. Explore the future of the Metaverse

Before we dive into it what is the future of immersive Metaverse.

You probably have heard this word in the last couple of months so many times, that you don’t know where to run from it. but see what the word ‘Metaverse’ means.

The word ‘Metaverse’ is made out of two part, the first meta which means beyond future and the second part is verse which means the universe actually dealing here about with the future of the universe, pretty big deal.

But generally speaking this word is meant to describe the future of the construction of Metaverse mainly includes sensory simulation, cross-space interconnection and social structure link into virtual universe.

Virtual Reality (VR) provides a realistic audiovisual experience of images and sounds in the virtual world; the development of Internet technology supports higher concurrency and low latency online data processing; blockchain realizes decentralization Data (especially assets) recording and verification. All this provides a theoretical basis for the establishment of the Metaverse.

At the beginning of the 21st century, there was the development of general standards, interfaces and communication protocols for the Metaverse concept; the development of consumer-grade products of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (Augmented Reality) made the realization of the fantasy distance of the Metaverse even greater. One step closer: In 2020 and 2021, as NFT is gradually being more applied and empowered, its deep correlation with the concept of Metaverse has officially detonated the entire cryptocurrency industry and has generated a market of tens of billions of dollars.

The gradual visualization of the Metaverse concept makes people have more visions for the future, and also attracts technology practitioners or investors to make arrangements. Metaverse is considered to be the form of the next generation of technology after the mobile Internet.From VR-type games to Non-Fungible crypto assets, how to integrate the Metaverse concept into a complete and attractive format, practitioners are beginning to get involved in this frontier field.

In today’s blockchain industry, despite a large amount of funds being or preparing to join the track, it has to be admitted that the concept of Metaverse is still in its early stages. From the product point of view, the current blockchain Metaverse focuses more on the concept of assets, while downplaying the concept of behavior, and has a low degree of relevance to games and virtual spaces.

There are three main reasons for this:

• The crypto investors pay more attention to return on investment rather than content factors such as experience and gameplay. Therefore, the design requirements for economic models are far greater than the requirements for content quality;

• the content developers (mainly game developers) and smart contract developers have information mismatches, and there are differences in the understanding of the content, market, technology and economic system of the complex product of the blockchain Metaverse;

• limited by performance and the limitations of smart contracts, the executable operations are relatively limited.

Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, the superiority of blockchain, especially in solving the problem of data and assets, is still incomparable. From crypto collectibles to blockchain games (also known as DGame, or GameFi), leading industry insiders have begun to lay out in various subdivisions and place bets for the future. Since the introduction of the Metaverse concept into the blockchain industry, within half a year, there have been a number of conceptual or early R&D projects that have become in hotspots and have produced effects in the primary or secondary market. At the same time, the overall valuation of this segment is more than 10 billion U.S. dollars.

“NFTs are a glimpse into the … next generation of mainstream consumer apps built on crypto rails — the social networks, games, and more of the future,”according to Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam. “This is the true beginning of the metaverse.”

This kind of creativity focuses on the empowerment, circulation and application of assets (mainly non-fungible tokens, NFT). Nowadays, combining the concept of VR with the blockchain is still a blue ocean market in the field. As the forerunner, the IVS team carried out a forward-looking planning and layout after integrating the resources of all parties, and finally completed the establishment of the IVS project.

2. What can we do in the Metaverse?

1,By tokenizing IVS Land (X-Space) , we are forever decoupling IVS as a project from owning that database of parcels (and all in-game items in the future) by giving this power back to you — our users / citizens.

2,Fully own and monetize your creations. Be a true and the only owner of your creations. Make money by selling your items in the open and independent marketplaces. Be a part of fully working economy.

三.X-Engine Introduction

ARE YOU all ready for the X-Engine Launch?

  • Codeless development engine

X-Engine is a super easy in-game tool for NFT minting with No coding required, which all players will be able to use easily. we pioneer user-friendly. It allows you to have full control over your creations which you build inside our visual X-Engine. Use our tools to create your own structures!

  • 3D Modeling

They will also be 3D and animated 🔥

Users will be able to mint items in-game using an integrated ETH network, or buy ready-to-use NFTs if they want to jump straight into the action! The NFT minting will be a one-click solution — super easy!

  • Build your scene

First we want to simplify our internal structure of managing P2E game monetization, focus more on game design and accessibility, yet still keep all the in-game processes as simple as possible and understandable to everyone. We will also involve our community in the process of making and adjusting the game as well as take into account major trends and best practices.

you can Enjoy live concerts, educational talks and sports competitions or simply sitting in the park and watching birds flying by… Moreover

📚Presentations & Online course

🎮Gaming & Entertainment

🍾Meetups / Conference

🖼️Gallery & Exhibitions

X-Engine will be available on mobile (android), browser, PC and VR.

Let’s take a look at what Editor looks like inside!!

The visualization of content is a feature that allows developers to provide real-time previews of the effects of the code they write instead of looking at boring code and wondering what the result will be.

Therefore, IVS advocates VR and AR(augmented reality) technology supported by the Web3 framework is the best embodiment of the current visualization, not only can display the results of programming in real time, but also allow people who are in different spaces to appear in a virtual environment at the same time

What’s more, Infinite Virtual Spaces provide a sense of immersion that makes programming, augmented reality, and more realistic. As immersive as it is, this is what most programming and artificial intelligence can’t provide today.

The highly immersive interaction pattern represented by the X-Engine creation scene is most likely to be the gateway to the virtual world of visual programming. From functional devices to smartphones to smartphones to VR, the hardware adaptation and interaction revolution will greatly facilitate the refactoring of content forms.

The combination of VR and low-code programming allows you to write code on a graphical editor that sees what the code generates and how the scene changes in real time. Through the visualization of programming language and the visualization of computational effects, to achieve skilled creation of Metaverse scenes, while the process of creation is also very interesting.

Here we have One Page of X-Engine in case you miss the important information!


The vision of IVS is to build an Immersive & Open Metaverse space protocol, and everything will start with “Meta”, and the process from “Meta” to “MetaVerse” should be borderless editing and creation that enables people to drive the creation or participation of permissionless Metaverse under the governance and filter of the Web3 spirit.

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