IVS $1M Buildathon Fund: 2022 IVS’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Infinite Virtual Space plans to invest approximately $1 million Buildathon fund to support IVS’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The plan aim is to provide IVS’s DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) with long-term creative momentum and resources to strengthen the new influence of IVS in the Web3.

IVS is a Web3 SocialFi metaverse infrastructure protocol that allows users to enjoy a new form of entertainment, more immersive, playful, social, through 3D avatars and across multiple platforms. To build a Metaverse infrastructure of multi-chains, diversified virtual spaces, applications and assets with IVS Meta Protocol + X-Engine + X-Space!

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About IVS👨‍🚀👩‍🚀:

Infinite Virtual Space is a virtual space value circulation protocol that fully supports devices on Web 3.0. X-Engine, where users can independently design and build different 3D Metaverse scenarios, with great potential for strong economic mobility and governance development.

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Infinite Virtual Space ♾️ is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform.

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Infinite Virtual Space

Infinite Virtual Space

Infinite Virtual Space ♾️ is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform.

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