Infinite Virtual Space token($IVS) deployment progress

Infinite Virtual Space(IVS) has developed the token($IVS) smart contract.

The official contract address:0x0310fe5aebe72308154ad01bf5ec80011cfbfc9c

For the protection of token security, the token deployment of IVS adopts a multi-signature method to ensure asset security.

Meanwhile, due to security, transparency, and innovation within cybersecurity, a technical security audit of the token($IVS) is in progress.

There would be 3 administrator wallets in total. One of them will be kept by the IVS Foundation; one will be kept by the IVS Technical Committee; the last one will be kept by the leaders of the DAO organization.

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About IVS👨‍🚀👩‍🚀:

Infinite Virtual Space is a virtual space value circulation protocol that fully supports devices on Web 3.0. X-Engine, where users can independently design and build different 3D Metaverse scenarios, with great potential for strong economic mobility and governance development.

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Infinite Virtual Space ♾️ is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform.

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Infinite Virtual Space

Infinite Virtual Space

Infinite Virtual Space ♾️ is an immersive multichain Metaverse platform.

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